Heat Pumps in New Zealand | Heat Pump Guide

Navigating through the multitude of heat pumps in New Zealand can be overwhelming. Simplify your decision-making with our comprehensive Heat Pump Guide tailored to help you find the perfect fit.

We’ll help you cut through the noise with our quick tips on what to look out for when comparing your heat pump options.

Type – Highwall, Floor Console, Ducted, Ceiling Cassette

Highwall heat pumps are very efficient, low priced and easiest to install. Floor console units tuck away to be unobtrusive in the room, and also tend to be less drafty on heating compared with highwall heat pumps. Ducted systems are quiet, almost entirely hidden and provide an even temperature throughout your home. Ceiling cassette units can install in a wide range of locations that don’t suit any of the other types, and are great at conditioning a wide area.

Efficiency – COP, EER & Energy Star Ratings

COP (Coefficient Of Performance – Heating) & EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio – Cooling) show the ratio of electricity into the heat pump for the amount of heating or cooling capacity output. The higher number the better to indicate lower operating costs. Make sure the output is the same when comparing models;  lower heat output offers a higher level of efficiency.

Energy Star ratings are simplified ways to evaluate different models against each other.


Common features break down to:

  • Timers – 12 hour, 24 hour, dual-24 hour & 7-day
  • Air Direction Control – Up & down is standard, side-to-side swing less so, particularly on smaller capacity units.
  • Air Filtration/Purification – most models have some level of air filtration, with advanced units offering active purification including deodorizing & anti-microbe actions.
  • Anti-Corrosion – be sure to check for a unit with anti-corrosion on the outdoor unit heat exchange coil. You may want to consider additional anti-corrosion protection spray depending on your location.
  • Dehumidifying – most heat pumps will offer a Dry or Dehumidifying option. This will work to remove moisture from the air by running the indoor unit on cold cycle. As warmer damp air passes across the cold indoor unit coil the water condenses out of the air and drain away out of the house. This only works if the room is warmer than 16 degrees.
  • Inverter Powerful – one of the most useful features on modern heat pumps; the Powerful function ramps the unit up to maximum capacity for 20 minutes at your command. This is great for potentially pushing warmth to other areas, or just achieving a nice warm area very quickly.