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Alert Level 3 – Heat Pump Guys Procedures

Heat Pump Installation, Servicing & Repair

Tradespeople, like Heat Pump Guys, can work on customers’ property (eg in homes) during Alert Level 3, however we need to ensure the relevant public health measures are met (including contact tracing and PPE like masks). Please see this confirmation here.

For Heat Pump Guys this means our workers will:

  • Confirm their health status every morning before starting work
    Will not be working if feeling unwell in any way and seek out an immediate Covid test if they do.
  • Will not be working if they are waiting the results of a Covid test, or if they are a close or casual contact of a confirmed or suspected Covid case.
  • Confirm before entering customers’ homes that:
    • no-one in the household is feeling unwell at all
    • No-one in the house is self isolating, or has been notified to self isolate
    • No-one in the household is waiting on the results of a Covid test
    • No-one in the household has been in contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19
  • Request exterior windows and doors are opened to improve ventilation inside
  • Maintain minimum 2m distance with customers
  • Wear facial masks at all times when inside customer’s homes, and when speaking with customers.
  • We will request the customer wears a mask if they are not already doing so.
  • Speak with the customer outside where possible to talk through any issues.
  • Customer is not to be in the same room as Heat Pump Guy’s staff while we’re working.
  • Sanitize and/or wash hands before and after entering a customer site.
  • Minimise touching any surfaces onsite, including asking the customer to preopen any doors, windows, cupboards, access hatches and switchboard covers as required.

Heat Pump Sales Auckland

In-home sales calls must be made remotely via video conference and not onsite. This is an effective way for our sales consultants to give you the best recommendations for your home without the risk of an unnecessary potential exposure. If you’re already booked for a quote appointment we’ll be in touch to discuss a virtual consultation, or rescheduling until after level 3 is over.

Please contact us on 0800 47 48 97 if you have any queries or concerns at all about our Alert Level 3 procedures.