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Types of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps come in a variety of types, each with different features and advantages depending on your own particular application. Heat Pump Guys sell and service most types of heat pumps from all the major manufacturers so be assured we can advise you of the best solution for your circumstances.

High Wall Heat Pumps

The most popular residential heat pump systems in New Zealand. These units sit high up on your wall, around 50mm-100mm below the ceiling. They quickly distribute heat throughout the space.

High Wall Plasma Heat Pumps

These units are the same as standard high wall heat pumps but include advanced filtration systems to remove microscopic particles thereby purifying the air. Good for people with allergies, asthma or other breathing difficulties.

Floor Console Heat Pumps

These units sit either on the floor, just above the skirting board or as a replacement in a fireplace. Some can be recessed/mounted into the wall cavity thereby minimising the space they occupy.

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps

These units sit flush with the ceiling with the main body protruding up into the ceiling cavity. They distribute air in four directions and are especially suited to large spaces.

Under Ceiling Heat Pumps

Designed to sit high on the wall closer to the ceiling than a standard heat pump.

Concealed, Bulkhead and Ducted Heat Pumps

Built into the wall, roof or under-floor, these units are only visible by their intake and supply grilles. Concealed ducted heat pump systems are quickly gaining in popularity due to their flexibility, discrete looks, quiet operation and ubiquitous comfort throughout your whole home, covering multiple rooms with ease.

Which Heat Pump type is best?

This very much depends on the location, budget and what’s important to you – book an in-home consultation to review your options with one of our heat pump experts.

If your focus is on efficiency then the Daikin US7, Mitsubishi Electric FH Deluxe or Toshiba Super Daiseikai can be good places to start, however these systems typically come at a higher initial cost. Most of the R32 refrigerant models are also great for superior efficiency.

If budget is the main consideration then consider buying out-of-season (spring or autumn) as this is often when most manufacturers offer great deals and special discounts. Older models running R410a refrigerant can often be lower cost than the newer R32 models, though they may be less efficient on running costs. Smaller brands like Toshiba, Hitachi, Carrier & Gree are also great options for budget-conscious customers.

Control of individual rooms can be important for some customers, so a single or multi split system with highwall, floor console or bulkhead ducted systems are the best configuration. Wifi control is also a common request, and is now provided by most brands.

Discreet design is best suited to a ducted system (either central air conditioning or bulkhead), however this option can be more expensive as well. A floor console or designer highwall (like Mitsubishi Electric’s EF Designer, Daikin Zena or Fujitsu’s e3 Design series) can also provide the aesthetics looked for.

Quiet operation is certainly a common concern for customer as well; while historically Mitsubishi Electric have been fantastic on low operating noise thanks to the now aging GE Classic series, there are now multiple brands boasting similar performance – Daikin the leading contender. Different types of systems can offer seriously quiet (or silent) operation, specifically ducted systems with well designed & positioned air outlets (diffusers).


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