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Using your Heat Pump

By simply following the guidelines below, you can save even more on your Heat Pump running costs:

Correct temperature selection

Set the temperature between 18 – 22 degrees heating on the remote control for a comfortable indoor ambience during winter. This could be programmed on the remote control to be activated 30 to 60 minutes before coming home during the week to ensure you come home to a warm, pre-heated room.

Turn your Heat Pump off when you go to bed

When you go to bed, the Heat Pump in a living room for example should be turned off. Otherwise you are simply wasting energy and pushing up your electricity bill unnecessarily.

Consider the convenience of an optional 7 day timer

A 7 day timer option is available for some heat pumps which allows a complete week to be pre-programmed, including the weekend, which is likely to have a different operating pattern than the rest of the working week. The 7 day timer can be programmed, for example, to automatically pre-heat your room 60 minutes before you get up in the morning at 6.30am, then turn off when you leave at 8.00am, turn on at 5.00pm to pre-heat your room for your return from work at 6.00pm and automatically turn off at 10pm when you retire for the night.

Turning the temperature up to 27°C will not heat a room more quickly!

Occupants sometimes believe that by turning the temperature up to 27°C, they can make a room heat up faster. This isn’t the case, but it will use a lot more energy. This is because the Heat Pump will struggle to achieve 27 degrees and go into defrost earlier because it is running continuously to get to 27 degrees, wasting energy and defrosting unnecessarily.

Don’t leave your Heat Pump running 24/7

There is absolutely no need to keep the Heat Pump running when nobody is at home or after you’ve gone to bed at night as some installers may suggest.

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