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Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pumps are one of the hardest working appliances in your home, and from time to time can break down. Heat Pump Guys offers a full repair service for most major brands – Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Gree, Carrier, Toshiba.

Before calling us to book a repair technician please run through the below checklist:

1) Check if your heat pump might be running “defrost mode” – while heating, your heat pump extracts heat from the air outside, then transfers it inside your home using the air blowing through the indoor unit. When the ambient outside temperature gets very cold (starting 5°C and below) the moisture in the air can freeze on the outdoor unit’s heat exchange coil. A defrost cycle is simply the system recognising that ice has formed or begun to form and automatically fixing this by stopping the inside heating for between 10 and 15 minutes as it defrosts the outdoor unit. You can read more about defrost cycle here.

2) Check which mode the heat pump is set to, ensure it’s on the mode you want (Heat/sun icon, Cool/Snow flake icon, Dry/drop icon, Fan/fan icon). For example if the unit mode is set to “cool”, while the room is 18 degrees and you’ve set the remote control to 25 degrees the unit will not heat; instead it’ll stay on cooling mode until it needs to produce cold air. To produce warm air the mode needs to be set to “Heat” mode.

3) Locate the master power switch for the heat pump (usually an isolator power switch mounted next to the outdoor unit, or sometimes an indoor power switch for older models). Turn the power off to the heat pump and leave off for a full 10 minutes then turn back on. Leave the heat pump off to reset for a couple of minutes then try turning back on with the remote control.

4) Check the batteries and functioning of the remote control – the indoor unit should beep when it recieves a command. If you don’t have a beep then the issue may be with the remote control – try putting in fresh batteries.

5) Check there are no tripping circuit breakers or burnt-out fuses on your electrical distribution board (switchboard). This is particularly important if the heat pump displays no function at all, including no response from a remote control command, no movement on the vanes and no lights blinking on the indoor unit.

6) Check the manufacturer, model and serial number of the indoor and outdoor units if possible – this is useful information for us to ensure we book the correct technician.

Call 0800 47 48 97 to book your repair visit.

Our repair charges are $287.50 (incl GST) for the callout, including the first 30 minutes on site. Labour rate is $109.25 (incl GST) per hour with materials and consumables charged as they are used.

If your heat pump requires a spare part to be supplied and fitted then we’ll come back to you with a quote to repair once we’ve confirmed the price of the part.

If your fault is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty then there will be no charge to you. The manufacturer’s warranty durations are:

Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Carrier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – 5 Years

Fujitsu (with an accredited Fujitsu installer), Gree & Hitachi – 6 Years

Please consult your manufacturer’s warranty card for specific details on what your unit is covered for.

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